Today is May 6, 2021
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Rough Draft by Christine
April 2021
9An RP Update and Some Venting

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An RP Update and Some Venting
April 9, 2021

I haven't done a writing prompt yet and I'm running out of time to do them all this year. Nor have I done any "personal" writing either. But... I finally posted in my RP groups this week. And I'm happy that some of the other members responded so quickly.

On a strange and somewhat sad note (and the beginning of my vent), a member left both of my groups this past week without warning. This member, when they were active, had a ton of interesting ideas, characters, and storylines they were in. Their activity level had been a bit spotty over the past 2-3 years as they struggled with stuff on their end. They had left abruptly before (over a year ago), but I think I managed to convince them to come back that time. This time, they apologized but said that they had to deal with some serious stuff before they'll be able to come back. It might be months or even years before they might be back. And while I told them that I understood, part of me is not happy.

I am not happy because a lot of my characters were involved with their characters. And we were talking about ideas while excitedly waiting for them to be active again. And now, after their unexpected departure with no clue if/when they plan to return... what am I to do with those characters? Or the storyline ideas we were excited about? I'm still excited about them and I don't want to sit on them "forever". I might give them a few months before I try to move on with my characters (and maybe some of the storylines).

To me, roleplaying is a form of escape from the real world. But they were talking as if the idea of roleplaying might've been more of a burden weighing on them and that the troubles of the world were more important at this time. And, I guess, that's what I don't understand. I know of the problem they talked about, but I guess I don't let it consume me. I don't want to lose my muse to whatever paranoia the world might throw my way. I still want to be able to write and escape into those stories... to forget about the real world at least for a few hours.

To those reading who may know about the troubles of the world, I say... Go! Fight! Win!

Anyway, on a happier note... BR and LS have been way more active this past week than in the previous month. I'm excited and hope we can keep it up.


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