Today is November 28, 2020
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Rough Draft by Christine
October 2020
1Ideas Before I Even Play the Game or Read the Book...
6Plotting The One Idea (for a game)
23Game Idea Changes / Thoughts on NaNo
30RP Groups Update...

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Game Idea Changes / Thoughts on NaNo
October 23, 2020

Since the last time I wrote, I have received the game's core book and have looked through it. I've also talked to a few people about some tips for a one-shot game. Now, part of me wants to do something longer but I don't know how to make the story longer.

Based on what I've learned, this game idea will have...
3-4 players, plus a GM.
6-7 hours, if a one-shot (including up to an hour to talk about the game system and premise, and to choose a character).
12 pre-generated characters to choose from.

Some other changes...
-I'm thinking of an old couple that can interact with the characters, instead of just an old man. They may or may not be seen together.
-I'm thinking that some of the characters are connected, even if they're from different decades.
-There will be a disorienting fog surrounding the hotel grounds, indicating that they cannot leave.
-I'm thinking there might be at least two outcomes (they save the day or they don't, and the different results with either outcome).

My plan at the moment is to figure out the pre-generated characters and how they end up at this hotel long ago. I told hubby that I wanted to create 12 characters for players to choose from but now I have 13, with each having multiple ideas. Hopefully, before the end of this month, we'll have a definite sentence to describe each character.

My quick thinking regarding NaNo...

NaNoWriMo is in 9 days. Am I in or out?
I don't have any ideas that are screaming 50,000 words by themselves, but... maybe if I combine the word counts, I might come close.
But then it wouldn't be a novel.
I haven't won a NaNo main event in 8 years. Plus, my NaNo projects don't see the light of day after November 30, unless I try to rewrite it during another NaNo event.
Maybe wait till Camp NaNo in April. More flexibility might mean less stress.
Yes. Hopefully, the world will be in a better spot, and that I might have a story idea by then.

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