Today is November 24, 2020
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Rough Draft by Christine
June 2020
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18I Jinxed It...
24When the RP is quiet, Story Ideas get Louder

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When the RP is quiet, Story Ideas get Louder
June 24, 2020

Head spinning For once, I am actually talking about story ideas that I would write by myself. It's been a long time since I did that. Head spinning

While debating the other day on whether or not I would do Camp NaNo next month, a bunch of old story ideas popped up. Each one seemed special at the time that I wrote them, and each one had a reason why I didn't get far in them. But looking at and thinking long about each idea that came to me, I might've narrowed it down to two.

The two ideas that I'm drawn to the most are...

(1) A young couple meets and chats through an old chat program. They're surprisingly from different times but one day, they'll meet in person.

(2) A lonely woman dreams of another world. When she experiences this world every time she falls asleep, her life threatens to unravel. And she's not alone.

Both ideas feel strong/loud in my mind right now (with their own noises), but I know how things can go once I actually start writing the story. I just need to make sure that I don't lose momentum but also not to rush the story. I'll also try not to get caught in a corner or go off course too much. I plan to plot out as much as possible. Oh, and the biggest thing is to not label it a NaNo project, so that my muse knows it won't stop on July 31 (when Camp ends).

I hope the spark lingers.

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