Today is June 12, 2021
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Rough Draft by Christine
May 2017

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May 16, 2017

After seeing a stronger February, March and April saw a lot less activity in my Role-Playing Games. Now, Lost Souls and Xarta seem to have rebounded a bit in their "out of character" groups, but still not seeing much in the "in character" groups. Beyond Reality and the Obekka System seem to have been forgotten, which is sad.

I need to figure out a plan, as I want three of them to do well. Right now, I would be content if I saw about 30 posts a month from each group (an average of one post a day). I would definitely be over the moon if I saw more than 90 posts in a month, but it could happen.

My one thought is to write solo for some of my characters, even though these roleplaying groups are not about writing by oneself. It's just been difficult when the other "players" are not around as much as I'd like them to be. When I said it was a relaxed game, I was hoping that they'd write at least once a week. Of course, sometimes I'm to blame if I take a month or so to reply to something. I just wish everyone, including me, was more active.

I am also feeling both depressed and frustrated with my groups. The most active group at the moment is the one I didn't create. Xarta is more active than Lost Souls and definitely way above Beyond Reality. Part of me is wondering what's wrong with the ones I started. All 3 are sandbox style games (meaning players can help create the world and have input in various things). I just thought they'd all be faring about the same. Someone suggested posting ads in the various RPG advertising groups, but no one seems interested in my groups. So, what does Xarta have that my other groups don't?

Then there's a confused part of me… There's an RPG group out there that gets hundreds or even over a thousand posts a month, and I wish I knew their secret. How are they run? Are they strict? Do they rely on really active players? Do they have an OOC group or is everything in one group? They've been going strong for over 10 years. Even Beyond Reality was never as active as this group. I wish my groups could be that dedicated or active… though maybe not with the nearly thousand posts they get each month.

OK, so I checked out that crazy active group. Part of me is intrigued and fascinated by their website and how they seem to be run. Another part of me wonders what their numbers would be like if there was a separate group for the OOC stuff. While I would love to have more active groups, I don't think my groups are like this. I might inquire about a few things though… see if my groups would like a bit more structure.

Oh, and I've been debating about moving my groups to another group hosting site. One site I joined earlier this year has more features and seems easier to navigate than Yahoo Groups, but is it RPG friendly? I'm in no rush at the moment, so it'll give me time to really check it out. But if Yahoo Groups were to close, I would want a back-up.

Anyway, I hope to have something figured out soon.
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