Today is June 17, 2019
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The Life Of I by lovessweetsorrow
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April 14, 2019

So I had some stories I'd written last year. Fantasies, naughty fantasies, and I had made quite some progress on them too, but, as per usual with me, I slacked off and did more re-reading now and then instead of finishing up. I go to get a little re-reading in just now and the folder is clean. Everything deleted! I don't remember doing that, and no one else touches my computer. So, what the actual feck happened to my shite? I had a good laugh about it, which is my usual reaction when I'm in utter disbelief and shock, and now that's fading into disappointment and anger. I mean, I wasn't going to publish the darn things, but, all of that just gone, just like that.

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