Today is August 18, 2022
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Tink's tales and new beginnings by Tinkerbelle
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March 21, 2022

Finally...feeling much better, and not so tired so think I am finally on the mend.

Spent the day cleaning and airing out germs from the house.

I am so looking forward to the weekend. We have a party to go to, and I get to spend the weekend in great company. I am catching up with the girls Sunday afternoon. Its so nice to have plans and feel well enough to not have to worry about doing them. I cancelled last weekend retirement dinner, house inspection (rental property), brunch with kids, and I some shopping all of which I had to cancel due to being unwell.

Hopefully I will get the all clear to return to work on Thursday. Cross fingers!

I have been given some homework from wolf...and I spend time on this every day, sometimes twice Razz. I have been reading up on different types of relationships including polyamorous relationships. As well as fantasy and imagination. Im going to record my own in the name of research and my own personal interest.
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