Today is August 18, 2022
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Tink's tales and new beginnings by Tinkerbelle
March 2022

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Day 2
March 3, 2022

As the world around me struggles with massive floods and wild storms. Many people and animals are stranded, homeless, and there have been some lives lost. I think it could have been much worse by all accounts. Hopefully it will start providing some relief now.

The world keeps spinning though as I am cocooned inside. It’s been a struggle inside here too. Anyone who knows me knows how cold I am. My body temp sits at around 35.5. I spend the night hot (stripping off) and kicking off blankets, then shivering with cold and wanting to bury myself under blankets which tells me i am obviously suffering with temps/fever.
I was struggling this morning. Deeper cough and deeper pain in my chest. Feeling worse. It wasnt long before I fell back asleep and woke to the garbage truck which was very late for me (about 9.30am). That got me up as I forgot the bins, but dizziness and lightheadedness forced me to slow down. I got the bins out though.
Throat is still so sore, chest is killing me, stuffed up and just feeling pretty crappy. I sleep alot. breathing is affected a little. Trying to stay as upbeat and positive as I can. Fake it til I make it. Because I am a little bit worried about bad this could possibly get.

My sweet wolf organises an ice cream delivery for me (and my children). We are loved and cared for (and spoilt), and you know what- that he does that just to make me feel better is just beautiful to me. And something I truly value. Its hard letting someone care for you. I am that person for lots of other people. That he does that for me is so touching, but overwhelming and sometimes I just do not know how to say thank you in the way where I show him how very deeply this means to me and is needed.

Thats the hard thing. I too deserve someone who just There isnt a battle, fight or argument I dont have to tell him, or ask. He just loves and cares freely. and gives. He chooses me. He chats to me throughout the day keeping an eye on me, giving me time, love and his presence and connection.

He does not have any symptoms thankfully. But my eldest K does. So that means that I contracted it on Monday, not last week and hopefully I havent passed it on to him.

That alone means a lot to me. This is not nice.

I’m watching home and away and arty has been given a diagnosis of some incurable disease and only days to live. Oh my the tears! Why do I do this to myself. Lol
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