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October 2022

Feeling It...
October 23, 2022

Whoever introduced me to Discord needs to be shot to the moon. I was up till after 1 AM, chatting. The room/server I was in has been really active at night lately, but usually after I go to bed. Last night, my legs were feeling crampy, so I stayed up and thought I would say hi while waiting for the cramped feeling to go away. Three hours and countless messages later, I was ready for bed. The other chatters seemed to talk for another hour or so after I left.

This morning, I woke up later than expected with a bad headache. It feels similar to the type of headache I needed physical therapy for. Right now, it feels like someone used the top of my head to relieve stress. There's discomfort that comes and goes, depending on my posture and which way my head is facing.

So... yesterday was a great day.

I posted to three threads in one of my RP groups for the first time since February, wrote in a few collaborative projects that I hadn't touched in months, and emailed a few people after months of being quiet. One person got back to me already, so that's a good sign. I hope I can communicate more often from now on.

Then it was perfect weather for a walk. Sunny, a bit breezy, and about 65*F. We talked about all sorts of things on our walk. I feel grateful that after 23 years of knowing Tracy, we still talk about everything under the sun as if we were still early in our relationship, but with the comfort of being together for so long.

When we got home and did a couple of other things, it was time to "Netflix and chill". We watched one of those shows where we could talk during it. We rarely watch reality competition shows, but we had fun guessing who would do what.

Tracy went to bed after that and I stayed up, thinking I would come to bed shortly. Little did I know. Laughing

Today is my Father-in-Law's birthday. He's in his 80s and doing okay now. Since August of last year, he spent 7+ months bouncing between hospitals and rehab, trying to get various problems under control. I think he's been home since late spring. He has good days and bad... still trying to do things he did before even though he knows he has to be careful now. I think we all still worry about him.

Anyway, not sure what we're doing yet but it's time to see if Finnegan needs more food. I hope you have a good day.

Take Care!


9:50 AM
Dear Future Me,
by Christine
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