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May 2022

It's Too Hot For May...
May 13, 2022

The last few days have been very warm and dry for this time of year, and today is humid. We'll hopefully get a storm or at least some rain tomorrow. Then things will really green-up. And then maybe that lilac bush at the end of the street won't look so sad.

I've been looking at some patterns for the plastic canvas project idea I mentioned the other day. Now I have it in my head to create something for the guy who comes once a week to give Finnegan his B-12 injection, especially if he'll also be giving him fluids on top of that. I know the guy loves black cats and has a beautiful rose garden every summer. And I think I found the perfect pattern. I can't share the pattern publicly, but I'll post a picture of the finished piece once it's done.

Today, we took Finnegan to get more sub-q fluids and to learn more about his test results that were taken last week. We're still not sure of his age, but he might be 14. He's anemic, chronically dehydrated, and now has hypothyroidism. His kidneys were small and probably not functioning well (why he drinks a lot and pees a lot). He has very little function left in his liver. His bone marrow wasn't producing many red blood cells, if at all. There were a few other things, but he seems to have found an equilibrium for now (where his body learns to live with what it has and doesn't have). It sounds like we'll be increasing one of his daily meds, eventually stopping another, and keeping the other two as is for now. And she told us of a few signs to look for when his time nears the end. He's been with us for a year and 5 months. She said that he wouldn't have made it this far without a loving home. But I hope we can get at least 7 more months with him.

We might go for a walk tonight. Maybe wait for the rain. Walking in the rain is nice/relaxing.

Anyway, I'm grateful when time seems to slow down even for a minute and we get to enjoy something. I hope you'll find a moment to savor as well.

Take Care!

Dear Future Me,
by Christine
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