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May 2022

A New Project?
May 10, 2022

During our evening walk yesterday, I thought of a way to help the cat shelter in a creative way.

I used to love doing plastic canvas projects, but I kind of lost interest when I worried that no one wanted what I made. Even though they said they really liked what I made, I doubted they wanted more than a few things. But now I'm thinking I could make something on demand, if locals are interested, and allow the shelter to sell these creations.

The idea? To make a cover for a tin that contains a pet's remains. Inspired by certain patterns I've seen, but altered to fit this purpose. I could test out a few of them to see if they'll work. If they work, I could make a few to see if the shelter is interested.

I just have to fight my self-doubt and fear of "rejection". And I need to be able to keep everything if they don't go over well. To believe that I can produce something that someone will want.

If anyone here is interested in seeing either the progress or the finished items, let me know. Otherwise, I might not show either.

Anyway, I just felt like sharing this thought. Otherwise, nothing really new happening here. Hopefully, you're doing okay.

Take Care!

Dear Future Me,
by Christine
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