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April 2021

Happy Chocolate Bunny Day!
April 4, 2021

Today was beautiful. Perfect weather in the morning and early afternoon.

Mentally, I started a bit nervous, had a moment of thinking the world would be better without me, and ending it on a slightly happier note.

Physically, my left arm is happily sore. I got my first dose of the vaccine today.

Other than the expected aches and pains from the vaccine, I have had a good day.

Random thing... The date for Easter can sometimes be confusing even after I was told how they calculated it. As a kid, I had a religious great aunt. I remember asking her if we could have roaming death dates as well. She was not happy about my questions. I was also curious about why Christians are more serious about this day than Christmas, and yet Christmas seems to be the bigger holiday. I'm not religious, so I guess it's not important (to me).

Anyway, it's late. I hope you are doing well (or at least better than before).

Take Care!


Dear Future Me,
by Christine
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