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January 2021

Random Wednesday
January 13, 2021

Head spinning One week to go! Head spinning

Today's sunrise/sunset: 7:24AM/4:35PM (9 hours and 11 minutes)
The weather is overcast today but warm enough for the icicles to melt. The current temperature is about 32*F (as of 3PM)

My mood is content or maybe indifferent, I guess. After the stress of last week, whatever I'm feeling now feels better.
Physically, I'm no different. Not bad, but not great.

Tracy thinks that Zola is obsessed with Finnegan. He said when he got up in the middle of the night to pee, he saw her sitting right outside of Finnegan's door, just staring at it. Is she jealous or does she want to be his friend?

I've been neglecting Mickey and SusieQ lately. Sure, they get fed and their litterboxes sifted/cleaned, but it's been a while since I reclined downstairs and just spent some quality time with them. I don't want them to think I've forgotten about them, or for them to forget what it's like to just hang out with me.

Finnegan seems to be doing okay at the moment. Yesterday morning, he had 4 different meds (and one in the evening). This morning, there was just two (and one in the evening). Hopefully, he'll continue to improve and we don't have to keep bouncing back to four medicines (in the mornings) for a few days or so at a time. If we can't stabilize his health, his chances of being adopted go down. I like fostering him, but I would prefer him on fewer meds if possible.

Tracy said I woke up in the middle of the night saying something about my heart racing. Looking at my Fitbit, it looks like I bolted out of a deep sleep around 1AM and my heartrate was higher for a few minutes (going from about 80bpm around 1AM, up to 96bpm around 1:05AM, and then back down to about 85bpm by 1:10AM ). I vaguely remember waking up and feeling my chest around that time, but I otherwise thought I slept well.

We need to stop being afraid to go for walks. There was a time when the weather didn't stop us from walking (we walked in the rain, deep snow, and even when it was -20*F). This past year though, we've been hunkering down indoors and our weight and bodies are showing the effects of this lack of activity.

The specialist I talk to once a month suggested I set a 10-minute timer and do something "productive/active" in that time (like housework, organizing, etc). To not think about or look at how much time I have left and let the timer let me know when those 10 minutes are up. I can continue what I'm doing if I'm really into it, or stop after the timer goes off. So, I'm going to try that soon... maybe today.

I can't believe it's almost 4pm already. I thought it was closer to noon but... I lost track of time and I fell behind on things again. Finn still needs his hour-long walkabout (which is short for "find a lap to sit on that isn't in my room"). I keep saying I'll work on "in character" messages for my RP groups, so I want to do that. I want to write other things as well. And I also want to declutter and organize my office that I had wanted to do earlier this month.

Anyway, at least I finally updated my Entertain me journal. I still need to write for my other journals, but not today. Until next time, I hope you are well.

Take Care!


Dear Future Me,
by Christine
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January 2021

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