Today is October 23, 2020
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The Alchemist's Notebook by Demin
January 2020

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Power not Pity
January 8, 2020

And in those words I heard the will to fight, the will to live and saw the plead in those eyes. I had to smile, I had to respond in kind with my own words of war. There is power in those words and I will not call it weakness.

A cry for help? No, that's not what that is. A cry for help would be surrender, would be too late to have anything done for it. What you've said is a request for aid, you don't want to do anything but survive and you're willing to swim through and fight your way out of whatever hell you must to live.

"I'm having suicidal thoughts, I want to die. I have a plan and means ... I just need a reason not to do it." Those words, when you WANT to die but don't ... you are a warrior not a quitter. Whatever life has done to you to make you feel like death is your only escape, you have spoken up and said, "I want to fight, I want to live I just need help to do it. Give me a stick and I will go through hell to get to safety with it."

So sit down and let's see what kind of stick I can give you. We'll share a cuppa and see what kind of solutions we can come up with. You are not alone, nor am I.
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