Today is May 27, 2020
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Emotional Mess by carol15
May 2020

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The New roommie
May 22, 2020

So when I moved, I moved into a place that already had someone living here. The apartment complex rents by the room, since it is a college town it is very common.

Anyway, we had chatted a bit before but not to the extent of yesterday. We spent about 10 hours together. WTF. I was so tired by the end of it, I passed the fuck out. I can't do that every day haha. but I really liked her. She's cool at, a bit younger though. I turn 25 in 2 months and she will be 19 in 3. so a 6 year age gap. The only thing that truly tells me her age is her face and when referring to high school she mentions snapchat, while I mention myspace. hahah. And I'm sure we will find other age defining moments.

Anyway, it's funny because...
So imaging a tall skinny white girl. This is her. Come to find out she wears D's. I did NOT see it at all. I wear a C cup, and my boobs bounce around EVERYWHERE.

I'm thick. I have wide hips and am heavy. To give you an idea I'm prob about 20lbs from having to shop in the PLUS section.

She's 6" taller than me. Image her and I side by side. I wear a 36 C. I thought in case that she probably had a small band, and that could explain the D cup. Imagine my shock when I learn that she is actually a 36 D!!!!

We actually ended up trying each others bras on. Mostly because I was unconvinced. and sure enough we fit in each others bras. WTF!

That gives you an idea of how close we got in one day.

hahahhahah never thought I would put another girl's bra on out of curiosity.

Something else sort of exciting and dreadful that happened yesterday is that I finally applied to take 1 section of the CPA exam. It is expensive, so that sucked, but it is an investment in my future.
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