Today is January 15, 2021
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Emotional Mess by carol15
November 2019

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Lets get naked
November 24, 2019

Sometimes I feel so happy. I ran into a few of those moments today. It felt good.

I got laid last night for the first time in 4 months. Which I guess in general is not a long time, but it's the most I had gone in almost 4 years. It was weird inviting someone over for one reason. It took me a while to cum the first time. I think I just lacked the ability to relax.

Once he put me in doggy position, It wasn't long before I came. I ACTUALLY forgot that I liked to be hit from behind.

At some point, he stuck his finger in my vagina as he fucked me. I think that's what actually helped me cum the first time. But then, he scratched me or something because it hurt and we had to stop. At which point I asked for clarification as to what he did. He didn't want to admit that he had stuck his finger in my vagina as he fucked me.

I told him to never do that to me again, that it had been good, until, well the scratch or whatever happened.

I rode him, it was fun. I enjoyed feeling my medium length hair bounce against my bareback. It felt so hot. Every now and again I would look down at him and notice a big ass smile. My guess is that he was enjoying it as much as I was.

He asked me if he ate me out if I would suck his dick. I don't like owing people anything, so I told him not to eat me out. I usually enjoy sucking dick, but that was a turn-off. I also wasn't fully comfortable with him. Ha, you would think that if I'm fucking someone I would be extremely comfortable. I think I needed more foreplay than there was.

We had gotten cozy, and he started touching me. Saw that I was okay with him touching my vagina and 2 min later my pants were off. My boobs were not touched at all throughout the whole night.

So lack of foreplay had me feeling less playful than I usually am.

He didn't finish. His dick went soft. He asked me to suck it again, which is fine, but I just didn't want to.

He said he really enjoyed it but that his dick does its own thing and that he doesn't cum like that during sex.

When he was fucking me from behind I had asked him to bite my shoulder. In his mind that was "freaky". In mind, I know what helps me cum, and I know that being bit is one of those things.

Even though it was awkward, it got me off and was fun.

I do want more intimacy with someone. But I was finally ready to enjoy sex for fun again. It felt good.

I'm glad I got my confidence back, and that I've moved on enough from my ex-lover that I can get out there again.

I want to have more fun but I also want the intimacy of a relationship. I am happy for now though. There is too much happening for more than a good time.
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