Today is April 12, 2021
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Emotional Mess by carol15
September 2019

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Try ALMOST anything once
September 20, 2019

For years I always imagined having sex with another female. It's a bit taboo and I was always nervous and hesitant. I also didn't understand how female on female worked.

Well, a few days ago I finally found out. It was awkward but fun. She came over with the knowledge that I wanted to fuck her. Of course, I told her when she got here that I would be happy if we just made out and went slow... She said that she would not be okay with that since I had been teasing her with nudes. What can I say? I like my body and enjoy sending nudes to a few select people.

I understood where she was coming from. After talking for about 15 min I asked her if I could kiss her she said, of course, I could. SO I went in for the kiss and things went from there. We were naked five min later and she was going down on me. All I could think was that I really wanted to eat her out. So I stopped her and told her it was my turn. and I went to town for a little. When I stopped I asked her if that was it and she told me we could try and scissor. She was on top and suddenly the laughter started. We both couldn't stop it was kind of awkward. Eventually, we calmed down and tried to scissor again when it didn't work out she went back to eating me out. Even though I enjoyed it all I could think this time was that I wanted dick. She did, however, make me squirt a few times and when she finished with me, I went to kiss her, I love tasting myself on other people. I was disappointed when I didn't taste or smell myself, but I decided it was my turn to back down on her. I absolutely loved it. It was so much easier than sucking dick and making her cum was so fucking hot.

After I finished she needed a minute to cool down before heading out.

Even though I enjoyed the experience and will probably do it again. I learned I am 100% straight. Which I knew already, but the possibility was always there.
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