Today is April 12, 2021
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Emotional Mess by carol15
September 2019

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Grabbing me
September 6, 2019

I still think about you. A lot. Right now I am laying in my bed on my belly doing hw as I watch tv. I'm in a t-shirt and panties. I imagine you sitting behind me and you start rubbing my legs. massaging me as you slowly my your way to my thigh. You're driving me crazy and my breath is getting heavier. focusing on my hw has become difficult as you separate my legs and your fingers start rubbing my pussy. You're making me wet, I feel my nipples getting hard. I know what you want, and I want it too. You move my panties to the side and slide your fingers in. I know I'm soaked and now your fingers are too. I feel you start trying to get yourself into me. sticking the tip in first. Everytime you do this, you struggle to get yourself inside of me. I love this, you want me, so you finally give up and remove my panties, just far enough down that you are no longer blocked from inserting yourself inside of me. You feel amazing. As you fuck me you put your fingers inside me mouth. and I can taste myself. Then you start pulling my hair, pulling my head back. I release a gasp. and shortly after I cum all over your cock. I can't do this anymore you drive me crazy. I stop you after I cum for the third time. I make you get on your back and I get on top. Fuck I love riding you. I grab your hand and put it on my breast. You play with my nipple. pulling it lightly making me cum some more. I tell you to suck my tittie. and so you do as you continue to play with my nipple. Your hands go down to my waist and give me some form of direction on what feels good to you. Having my hips move in a motion that brings more satisfaction to you. Slamming me down on you cock. Fuck what are you doing to me. I'm screaming, you feel so amazing. I want to do whatever you want to please you. I let myself cum one more time, then I make my way off of you. I make my way down to your cock. Which is covered in my cum. I lick the side of your dick. I taste amazing on you. I lick around the head, teasing you a bit before I stick you cock in my mouth, so I can choke on it. You grab my head and give me a rythme that you enjoy. Make me go deeper than I can handle. making me choke and back up and start over. I want you to cum. So I wrap my hand around your cock as I suck the rest of it. I keep going until you bust your nut inside my mouth. Which I swallow.
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