Today is January 25, 2021
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Emotional Mess by carol15
August 2019

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Happy Birthday
August 27, 2019

It's your birthday and all I want to do is to wish you a happy day and tell you to do something special for yourself, since I know you said you don't usually do anything for your bday. and then I want to buy you an umbrella? hahah yea.. you would understand what that meant. I'll explain tho. The other day I went to your place and gave you a pizza slicer/beer opener, it was propaganda for a company I represent so advertising. but I made a point to give it to you because I knew you didn't have a pizza slicer. Anyway, when I gave it to you, you told me that just the other day you were thinking that if someone really loved you that they would get you something that you needed, but didn't need to an extent that you went out to buy it, and you gave the example of an umbrella. Then you told me that I better not buy you an umbrella and defensive I told you I wouldn't. Granted I wasn't thinking of buying you an umbrella at the time.. but now I feel like it would be the perfect gift. Inexpensive, but it says everything.

I can't text you tho.. I promised my friend and I need to let you go.. I can't buy you an umbrella either. I want to give you something.. even if it's just a sexual video of myself..

I just want you, everyday all day. I want you to get on top of me right now that I'm lying on my belly and move my panties to the side and slide your dick inside of me. Fuck, you would feel so fucking good.

BUT you don't care about me. you don't care that i'm hurting, you don't care .. you just don't... and even if you did.. well you don't because someone who did care wouldn't have left like this... Doesn't matter that is probably best for both of.. HOW DARE YOU, take my heart with you.. and not care...
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