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Emotional Mess by carol15
December 2017

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Movie Theaters Alone
December 29, 2017

I am a loner. Or well i tend to be. I recently developed some really close friends after moving back home and it has gotten me out of the comfort of doing things by myself. I used to go to the movies by myself, sit down restaurants, shopping ect. with no shame. People would ask me who i went to the movies with and when my response was no one, they expressed shock. They seemed to pity me, but i was unfazed. I enjoyed going to the movies and if i had to go alone then i would.

I hadn't been to the movies in a while because the closest movie theater that plays movies aimed at my age group is 30 min away and i just could not justify the drive anymore. I started doing stuff with these new friends/ co workers that i could no longer go into sit down restaurants by myself. The mere thought of going along freaked me out. I still on occasion went to fast food restaurants and ate alone inside, but i would mostly get it to go and park in my car and eat.

Today i decided it was time to get back in the habit of doing things by myself since i am moving Thursday after all. I am not going to know anyone in my area and it will be a few months before i develop friends that i can go out and do activities with. And with this mind frame i headed to the theater.

When i got to the theater the parking lot was PACKED! i had never seen it so full! it made me wonder if i had ever been to this theater on a Friday night, or maybe it was that star wars movie that people were so excited about. As it turned out it was also the Pitch perfect movie people were going to see. Which is what i was there for.

As soon as i bought my ticket i headed to the restroom and tinkled. I came out and was greeted by a girl i hadn't seen in years saying my name and stating that she wasn't sure if i would recognize her. Which, i responded with i wouldn't have. She didn't seem to like that response but we exchanged a bit of small talk in which i learned she was watching the same movie. she seemed kind of annoyed so i just washed my hands and stopped talking. I Have no idea what this girls name it... I have no idea how i know her. I do however know her. I just can't put my finger as to how, other than that we went to high school together.

The movie was great. The beginning was a bit blah but it ended on an amazing note (pun intended XD). After the movie i decided to grab a bit. I went to zaxby's, in which case i ate in my car. Unfortunately there was a bit of an incident with the drink spilling on me. It sucked but it was a typical me move. After i ate i headed home, jamming out to some toons in my car i realized i really had an amazing time with myself, enjoying the movie with all the other people with similar senses of humor to mine. And just keeping myself company.

All in all it has been a good night.
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