Today is January 27, 2021
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Emotional Mess by carol15
August 2017

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a bit weird
August 7, 2017

So apparently a few entries i have written in on the wrong date. Which freaked me out because on the 31st of july i made a very important entry that i needed to be there, but i was able to find it written on the 1st of june and i went ahead and switched it. there was another one i noticed was in the wrong spot as well but i think it will be okay. How could i have made that mistake?!!? hahah it happens i guess.

But I had work today and it was great i loved it. Me and my co-worker ( a easily frustrated older gentleman) spent the day laughing at just different things. i enjoy spending time in the front helping students with questions in whatever way i can. i think i enjoy knowing that i am helping someone and that they are grateful for it. It was busy today however, i had sent a student of to advising and she comes back 20 min later to ask a question and i was confused because she was talking to me as if i knew what she was saying. I felt bad not remembering the situation and apologized. It was funny because she came in happy to see me again or maybe happy that everything was handled by the other man. I honestly am not sure why she came back now that i think back on it XD

But anyway today was great. maybe i will tell you what happened this past weekend soon. i just want to give it time and see where things go before i spill!

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