Today is January 25, 2021
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Emotional Mess by carol15
June 2017

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college tour
June 27, 2017

I went on a college tour of a potential college i want to transfer to after i get my associates in the December. It was exciting and scary and well a lot of things... this school is 45 min from where i currently live but i have decided i wanted live on or near campus...
There are 2 other schools i am looking into.. but those are 4 hours away, both going more south than where i am. which means it will be HOT!
The other two schools have tougher/better accounting programs because they WILL push me to do my best and i like that idea. I am expected to maintain a 2.8 gpa and a milestone is to obtain a 3.0 , whereas at the school i looked at today they expect me to maintain a 2.0... i have a 2.79 hahaha...
ugh.. it's going to be an effort if i do move, because i will not only be far from home i will be pushed to do amazing.. but if i get dropped i have the option of coming back to the school where i am required to have a 2.0 within my major..
It's like setting myself up for failure.. but i want to try and push myself.. unfortunately i still have a few more weeks before i go check those other schools out.. needless to say i'm nervous..
We'll see how things play out.
The school i toured today was a lot bigger than i expected and i really enjoyed being there, but it would be a whole new environment.
adios for now!
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