Today is January 25, 2021
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Emotional Mess by carol15
September 2016

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The feels.
September 11, 2016

This past week i decided to end things with someone i guess we can say i was talking to... I felt like it just needed ro end. Or i wanted if to be over... In any sense i told. Him that i wanted a relationship and that i didn't feel he wanted one and we should go our seperate ways... He said alright then. And we wdnt on with our day.. Of course i start regreting it soon after.. I know it was the right thing to end thing.. But i hate things being so final i guess.. I meesaged him a few days later.. And he lacked a respond. Which is fair enough.. Things are over. I just wish i could let go... I feel bumned.. And i want to post these negative feelings on snapchat with those awesome bitmojis stickers... But since there is a possibly he will see it and think it is related to him... I stop myself from posting it.

He's not the only guy i need to get over.. He will be easier to get over than the other guy whom i have been hung up on for at least 8 months.. It's pathitic at this point... It's time to let go.. And really put in an effort. I want the feeling to subside. Before i didn't not really anyway.. I wanted to keep him in my life even if all he wanted was to get in his pants.. But thats just not enough anymore.. I mean we haven't slept together yet.. But i wanted to once he moved back... Even if it broke me.. But i am broken enough without letting him in physacly. I need self control. And i think i am going to start with scocial media. Like snapchat ( whivh I'm obsessed with) and facebook... It's going to be hard.. But i need to try. I need to learn to let go.. Social media will not be permanent. But these guys should be.
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