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Emotional Mess by carol15
September 2016

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September 1, 2016

i'm sitting in the lunchroom at school waiting till it's time to head to class. i have 5 hours in between classes on thursdays and i choose to stay in the area. i like that i am back in school. and i like socializing but i am a loner. damn it. the same group of people are still here when i was here a few years ago... well some of the few but the group has expanded and a lot of the people i no longer know so when i involve myself with them i feel awkward. i rather sit somet=where else on my own than to sit there, stared at while people try to figure out who i am. "an outsider sits with us!! :o what an idiot. I wonder what she is doing sitting here?" sees me leave and say my goodbye to the one person in the group i feel confortable talking to "OOOOHHH..I'm the dumbass not mystery woman" yup. i am creating non-exsistent dialog.. it makes everything fun! and exciting

I can't wait to get to color guard practice after class. i just want to get my personality out with that flag. i am getting better with each practice. I love playing with my flag. I am still struggling with marching the routine but i will catch on with time. Our first game that we will march at is in two weeks! wow. i don't think we will have all 3 routines learned by then. we haven't even fully created the routine for the second song. I'm sure we will have it semi learned at least.

I made a 76 out 80 on my geology test. it made me really happy. i don't realy understand the professors grading scale but i know i got 19 points knocked off so if it was out of 100 it would be an 81 so knowing that makes me feel better about it. i mean 76 out of 80 is great but some people made higher than 80 so it makes me question it and makes me not sure about what is going on there.. but it is all good. The first one is the hardest test. He said that the class average on the test was higher than what he has seen in a while. So if i am struggling at least i know that the likely hood of there being someone that understands it better is higher than it would be in any other classroom. lol

In my brit lit class we are reading the canterbury tales and oddly enough i am enjoying it a lot more than i thought i would. the tales are intersting. i am having trouble really understanding some of it. but what i question, it is smoothed out in class. so far that is my favorite class but i am sure once we finish the tales i won't be feeling the same. the textbook is a pain in my butt!

well i should really get back to reading for one of my classes. this was somewhat entertaining just sitting here typing like i am doing something important okay.. bye!

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