Today is July 15, 2019
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Sight Is Optional by blindsighted52
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movin' on up...
April 9, 2019


Well my week began shitty but turned out quite awesome.
I had a package being delivered Monday from Amazon, and got the notification that it had been delivered. Strange because Doggy didn't hear anyone coming into the building and neither did I. Opened my door, nothing. Went to the outside door and tapped around the stairs with my cane, nothing. I came back inside and called UPS wondering where my stuff is they claimed to have delivered. I was told a rep from the local UPS office would call me. Rolling Eyes
I already know they employ assholes so I went outside again and tapped around the front of the building for my package...nada. Walked around to the side where the trash cans are...lo and behold there was a box propped up against the building next to the trash cans. Steaming
Seriously? Now the lazy fucks at UPS can't even go to the building door? I waited for the rep to call me and I told her what the driver did. No this bitch did NOT say that the shipper didn't pay to get a signature so the driver can just drop it off. That did it, I flipped my Bitch Switch and went off on her. So they don't leave a package even fucking close to a door anymore? Just toss the shit into the closest place they drive up to and care fucking less who happens by and grabs it? Fucking assholes! Mad
Bet the bitch was sorry she ever fucking called ME!!! Steaming

Minutes after I hung up on her I got another call from a number I didn't know and I thought it was another punk bitch from UPS so I answered. Nope, it was the office of the apartment building I WANT to live in. Filled out an app last May, they first called in February and I hadn't heard back so guessed they didn't approve me to move there. Apparently it takes a bit of time to check me and my background out...but I didn't think it took almost 2 months. Whatever, bottom line is they called and asked me once the last few things were done would I approve of moving in the beginning of May? Hell YES!!! Jumping for joy

This apartment building is right in the area I know very well, in fact I used to live right down the street before I met the ex. I can walk right to a ton of stores and restaurants and a couple of bars...hell what's not to love? I will also be close to a bunch of my friends...and will test them to see if they come visit or use more excuses as to why not. Like they use distance as an excuse now. I will be less than ten miles from three so-called "friends" so can't wait to find out if they were just bullshit and will never visit me. Everybody knows blind bitches can't have visitors and okay. Rolling Eyes
Within an hour of that call from that office I was bringing out all the saved boxes in my closet from when I moved here...and began putting them together and filling them up. Did more today, right now I have six packed with talking stickers attached so I know what the hell they are. I didn't do that when I moved here so it was fun to figure out what the hell was in which boxes LOL.

I am so excited! Even though it isn't a definite YES, I am still packing anyway. I filled out about eight apps last year so if this place called, others may call too. Yes
But THIS is the one I truly want...the Universe is smiling on me...thank you thank you!! Smile

Thing that sucks is I will definitely miss Dude...but lately he hasn't been visiting much so weaning myself off of him is going to make a move easier. We can still talk and text, and if he really wants to hang out he is more than welcome to come to the new place to visit for the day or even for a few days. He just has to work out how he gets there since he doesn't have a car. Who knows what may happen...getting him away from the idiots around here would do him some good...and him staying a few days would do ME some good...and maybe some "bad" too LOL! Like a devil

Cross that bridge if I get to it...first I need to get the last approval to move there and the rest will fall into place hopefully.

*Universe...please allow me to get the hell out of here and have Dude stay in touch in more ways than one LOL. Thanks very much!*

Fingers crossed! Wave
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