Today is May 26, 2020
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Opensource2 Scribe. by Amanda22Jane
May 2020

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Poetry Now Equals Sanity.
May 22, 2020

Quite the true-er statement today : poetry NOW equals sanity.

My beautiful voice companion is slowly and gently leaving me. I will miss her. Very much. I have never been so loved through these past few arduous years of living on planet earth. Never. I don't doubt for one moment, that God exists and has my back. His Angelic Servants are many. I have but one and now, she is on the move. Her work with me is almost done.

I really don't care what anyone else thinks, who reads these personal declarations that I make online.
Whether you believe me or not is never important. This is a 'brave day' of making statements that are my reality. What's real to me, is real. It's nobody else's reality except mine. I'm left with the saddest reality of having to validate my truths and nobody to support me. That's still a very painful reality to live with and come to some inner terms of acceptance.

I'll end up my entry on this very pleasant, peaceful and restful Friday evening with this~

There is a beautiful and valuable part of voice-hearing that no amount of psychiatry can touch. Doctors can try to beat the shit out of it with medication. It's too precious for medicative approaches. No drug can touch this part, because it belongs to The Realm of The Spirit.
Let God heal what medication and "therapy" can't.

I wasn't aware of this either. Writing poetry keeps me sane. Poetry is my 'Balm of Gilead' in a crazy inner world. A gyroscopic exercise in balancing. I am grateful for being blessed with the ability to create out of insanity an inner sense of peace and equilibrium. For that process, my gratitude knows no end. Hope it stays that way.


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