Today is June 17, 2019
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Opensource2 Scribe. by Amanda22Jane
April 2019

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Dream Mosaic.
April 16, 2019

☆ I bought food (grocery supplies) for my daughter / s-i-l and their children. The one kilo block of cheese from the grocery purchases is hacked to pieces and lies on the floor under the kitchen table.

☆ I am holding a press key flip phone in front of me open. All the keys have been pulled off. There are empty, gaping spaces where the keys should be.

☆ I am standing at the front cattle gate next to the road, waiting for the school bus to drop off my granddaughter. School has finished for the term.
The longer I stand there, the more I begin to notice things like the gate is missing and the old house site is overgrown with tall grass and strange weeds.
Then an unknown woman and her young daughter walk up and stand beside me.
The school bus comes by and drops off my granddaughter (7-8 years old in dream). As she alights the bus little wild kittens scamper down the bus steps with her, and run out from under the bus. They swarm around her legs. All kittens have vivid and striking markings. I feel powerless around them and fearful for my granddaughter.

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