Today is August 3, 2020
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Life's A Script. by Amanda22Jane
August 2020

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A Shit Weekend.
August 1, 2020

Never made it to the Relief Society dinner. Spent 5 hours cooking it, only to discover the game these sick women played me for, was the food. They didn't want me there they just wanted my cooking. Alice D**s turned up on my doorstep while I was in the shower getting ready. Unexpected and 1 1/2 hours early. She wasn't even the someone I had arranged to pick me up. I had asked for a serving container to put the chickpea stew in and she turned up with a filthy glass bowl. She knocked at the door when I was in the shower. I had to exit the shower and stand at the front door opened a crack and she had the cheek to try and push it open. I said I felt uncomfortable standing there talking to her wrapped in my towels. She told me that she was picking me up and I only had 5 minutes to get ready. This happened last week. I was still getting ready and she turned up unexpectedly. I'm going to tresspass her. Robyn D***n too. The rich bitch who is just a selfish narcissist.

I need to stop attracting sick fucks into my life and I don't know how to do it. They're everywhere that's the problem.
It's hard work keeping safe.

Deep down inside I think I threaten these women but not in the ways that I have previously thought. It's something worse.

Church has also fallen through tomorrow morning with the two girls from Outreach M and S. A good thing I texted ahead of Sunday to check. First she (M) said she was in an eastern city with her parents and then in the next text, she said she was here in town and not on the eastern city.

This is one freaked weekend I'm having. Everything I've written is true. Bare-faced facts.

So, I texted A to see if she is doing a meeting tomorrow night and yes she is. I hope that I have something good happen this weekend.

For church, I'm going to attend the afternoon meeting (12P) because I'm not going to miss taking Sacrament. They're not going to stop me from partaking.
Fuck this is just surreal. Apart from taking Sacrament I won't be turning up at Church again. Once again I'm less active in church because of others.

Anyway it was a beautiful experience cooking today and I did it for God, not them. If they enjoyed it that's fine.

Alice's husband is a paedophile. He's sexually abused both their daughters.

Robyn has been charged, arrested and went to court for physically abusing her elderly mother some years ago. Her mother has since passed. I used to do some casual work gardening in one of her rental properties years ago. Two years ago I asked for a reference and she denied I ever worked for her. She was not a nice boss anyway. Actually she's not a nice person, nor is Alice. Nor is her husband.

Collin (neighbour) used to flip cars as an avocation some years ago, and early this morning a guy arrived to pick up three ride on mowers that Collin had transported from way up north to where we live on his behalf. The guy was an Australian from Fxn. Collin bought a Ford Capri convertible from him. He got paid for transporting the mowers halfway down the North Island and he can't even care for Cylena because he's allergic to cats.
I'm not letting Robyn take Cylena early. Cylena has been treated. She's healing rapidly.

The other Robyn (neighbour), bought dry catfood for the cats I feed. That was very decent.

I miss B. I hope and pray he is doing well. Wonder what it's like to give him a tongue kiss? I wonder if he'd kiss me back. Maybe he just wants sex like every other dead fuck bastard I've ever had in my life. Not here he won't. Pretty certain he's still with her; his girlfriend.

Apart from all this stuff and pure bullshit, I enjoyed getting in an armful of fresh laundry, taking a long hot shower and washing out the argan oil treatment I've had in my hair since Friday morning. My hair is going to feel beautiful. My hair takes 24 hours to dry sometimes and not necessarily Wintertime. Also did my heels. Still need to moisturize my feet and hands yet again, brush my teeth.

Just need to make my bed. Been lying in a messy bed since 16:00 and now it's 21:51.

I'm healing.
It may take a while to get those tresspass orders but I shall get them. I don't want anyone here from church.

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