Today is May 26, 2020
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Life's A Script. by Amanda22Jane
May 2020

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Cold With Grey Skies.
May 23, 2020

The sun has also been out though it's weak sunshine. Barely warm sitting outside but I did so anyway.

I had a dream about Mark Zuckerberg. I didn't actually see him but he was in my dream hidden. I got the feeling that he felt concern ; genuine warmth and concern. Then the dream ended.

I hate journey dreams. They are NEVER pleasant.

I love movie like dreams in technicolor where I get to watch what is going on and interact if I choose to. I like those dreams.

I occasionally have very very beautiful dreams. They are so gorgeous. I want them to go on forever.
Some of those beautiful dreams are art dreams. Some are sexual. Beautifully sexual.

What's more the reality is that I have horrific sexual dreams filled with demons and demonesses who constantly overwhelm and overpower me. I'm gradually de-powering these demonic entities that people my dreams via sexual, always sexual means and I'm telling them to fuck off. So energizing and empowering to be able to experience this level of healing. So healing.

I've decided to do something that I have wanted to do for several years. Should have it done by the end of the year. A wonderful beautiful project.
I'm going to design myself a small wardrobe of white streetwear based on my conceptual understanding of 'Angel'. It's all in my head just bursting to be visually realised on paper, then fabric. I can do this. It will be a simple yet elegant ouvre fit for both church and street wear. The white coat will bear one Angel's "wing" to always remind me of The Seraphim who walked with me. Sorry...crying...I'll never deny my experiences that are not of this world. I'm going to shop on Amazon or Wish or somewhere similar for a pair of white dress boots and crystal lens white sunglasses too. Then my sartorial ouvre will be complete. This exercise in the making completes me. I have much work to do. This is what life is about and this is sober living.

I'm cued on YouTube notifications for a live viewing of Powderfinger the movie tonight.

Cats are fed, have slept well and are loved.

Did a little food shopping too. Have Lindt chilli chocolate- mmm..m! Bought lamb steaks too.

Headaches nearly over.

Today is a great day.

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