Today is October 14, 2019
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Life's A Script. by Amanda22Jane
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Need To Keep Moving.
March 14, 2019

i make a mess with my home centred activities then leave everything until the eleventh hour to put to rights. i love having my family come down here to stay but getting my bedsit in order is a tough goal to meet. not going to let my family down. not going to need to let them help me tidy things. i will do it. well i did try to post an update here twice tonight and i lost both updates. this third one better stay put. will be back tomorrow Friday sometime to write again. hope we as a family do some memorable things together as always. Sparkles is coming down too. she thought that she wouldn't be able to make this trip with my sister and my two oldest grandchildren. she updated me earlier this evening that she can come. great!

until then, keep cool or keep warm depending on where in the world thou art. stay beautiful.

Tired Out.

i overdid things yesterday, and i knew that i had. ended up sleeping a lot today to compensate for all of yesterday's busy-ness.

it's 18:00 p.m. Auckland NZ Time on a beautiful sunshine-filled Thursday evening. my street has seen a lot of activity on it today. now it has gone back to being quiet again. good.

i will write more later. need to get the arrival day and time that my family are coming down sorted out.

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