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September 2021
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One from my files......
September 15, 2021

The spirit of adventure lives on throughout life, it just changes it's 'hardware' now and then!
Find a person who is enjoying life, and more than likely you'll find he has not totally lost the spirit of adventure, or how to play the game.
I think that's why kids go nuts with those computer games: it's all about the adventure of 'the game', and could be the reason why life seems so stale at times once you've turned 21, and crossed the threshold into the world of maturity; and can no long play chasings around the neighborhood with your old friends!

I was focusing on this subject today. What makes certain movies, games, television series and sitcoms so popular? It seems to me it has something to do with what brings the spirit of adventure to life in our sometimes mundane and boring existences!
There are those who may have the good fortune to be involved in occupations which bring about a sense of spirit. It is my guess that these lucky individuals are probably pretty positive in life!

A long time ago, there were abundant games which we as children were involved in. Those who were lucky enough to live in environments which encouraged this kind of thing grew up as very happy healthy kids. Do you remember how you felt when you were called to come inside; the feeling of disappointment when you realized you had to stop playing?! Perhaps that is too long ago, and it has been pushed into a long forgotten vault and is not even glanced at anymore.

I don't think many people would remember that time in their lives very clearly. However, surely one of the great things about childhood was the great feeling that came with the spirit of adventure! It comes almost automatically when we're young; that and the incredible excitement of something spontaneous! It's like 'wow - how wonderful is that?!' It is a pity that it is something which seems to fade into the background as we grow older, as the burden of responsibilities take hold, and one's focus becomes fixed so that change seems impossible. Such a shame, really, when you think how youthful it can make you feel. You know; the giddy excitement and adrenalin rush you experience when looking forward to something? Remember what that feels like!

Today while I was writing a short post about some adventures we used to have as kids; it brought it to mind; in crystal clear detail, how easy going, and fabulous it was when you had the spirit of adventure; the spirit of the game, any game, and that excitement when something was decided on the spot, the gift of being able to let go and be spontaneous!
In such a modern world, with all it's technological advances, with the randomity of crowded cities, and life in the fast lane such as we know it, we are perhaps missing this very basic fundamental in day to day existence.

I'm not suggesting we should all rush off and become swashbuckling pirates; out on the open sea; with the wind in the sails, the steady beat of the waves as they toss the ship playfully across the glinting waves…..
We can't ALL head off and do that, who'd run the stores, do the paper runs, and burp the baby?!
There should be a better balance in those activities which collectively result in our survival as human beings! These basic things are necessary; activities which must happen to keep the ship of life on course, as it were, and moving forward. Sure it would be grand if every now and then, once in a while, we could all have a day or two of serious adventure!

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