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Sausage, or tent?!
April 7, 2021

I've been trying to do something with my limited wardrobe lately. I found a lovely site online - they're 13 thousand miles away - in Peterborough, UK! But they have tunic tops and all sorts of lovely garments, made from the kinds of materials I adore - thin, stretch lovely jersey, and more besides.

I find however, since contracting the staph infection which it turns out is actually antibiotic resistant, and the lymph problem and other things that were as a direct result of the infection, my figure has changed shape rather radically. I have a big swelling in my right arm above the elbow, and the left leg is very swollen too.

Then recently, my girl [daughter] gave me her 'judgement' about one of my all-time favourite tops. She likened it to a 'tent' saying I looked like I was walking round in a tent. I was so upset, I could not help my instant reaction. Of course my face fell: I was extremely disappointed and hurt too. It is my 'go to' shirt, a favoured top, and being well looked after; I have worn it for an age - for years since I purchased it. It's extremely comfortable, looks smart, and is just right for our summer weather.

The site online that I found which has that lovely thin, stretch jersey material had several tunic like blouses that I favoured, I got 2 of them and then she said the same thing - that I look like a walking tent. I was so disappointed. I buy blouses a little larger than my own size so it won't hug me like a 'stuffed sausage'... I've seen ladies who wear tight clothing that have not got a pencil thin figure - and to me, it doesn't look good!

I purchased my much-loved top many years ago, at "Dimensions" in the Southgate Shopping complex. They had some glorious blouses, dresses, and other things, for the larger figured ladies. The blouse is a true jersey material: thin, and perfect for hot weather. With a large scoop neckline, the cut was very cleverly done, to leave a nice fall in the shirt, and cut on an A line, so it was very flattering for my kind of shape!

The arms are batwing shape so not tight at all in the areas of the arms where I want a loose fitting; perfect. A great stretch because of the jersey material, it is basic black with an interesting splash of different colours below the bust at the front of the blouse.

At the moment, and because I haven't been out for over a year, I really wanted to do something about my lack of pretty blouses. However, due to extreme disappointment, I made the decision to forget about doing anything about it now, although I really wanted to handle it, to give my spirits a lift! I thought it might help me to offset the dawning ill humour from being stuck inside for months on end (due to my illness, plus the coronavirus) When I have managed to shake off the feelings this has stirred up in me, I hope that I may find a solution closer to home if possible - the main reason I was using that company was there was nothing in this country that had anything like those designs and materials I favour!!

Never mind... no doubt I'll survive!


How to Dress Up - Style Guides - The New York Times

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