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June 2020
10Midweek already....
15This must be Monday....
This must be Monday....
June 15, 2020

Hello how are you doing.
These days time has been refusing to have much meaning - staying indoors day in and day out used to be something I dealt with perforce; but with my family and friends also now involved since we went into lockdown (ref Covid19) what can I say?! It has somehow solidified the effect of it all, and I am not only bored to tears, but having some kind of mini melt down! Ha! Oh well - I suppose we are all suffering in some way with the measures taken by "they what run things", to ensure the safety of people in general.

I am in touch with quite a few people round the world - a daily writing exercise that has been keeping me sufficiently alive and busy to ward off those horrible feelings that we may find ourselves facing the restrictions each and every day. Oh I know that there is some buzz of excitement just gearing up to come to the surface....
However, before we go into whoops of delight and start randomly shopping, left right and centre, I heard this morning on the news, that there are more Covid19 infections. Eh... there are places here too where folk are failing to keep proper distance - and I know for sure, if I were out and about - it would make me awful nervous! EKK! Don't they realise what a risk they are taking? I hope no one is getting too close to you!

The issue of joint and muscle pain makes doing anything with my hands very painful .... (I was forced to give up on knitting, and playing my guitar, etc) even writing has become very painful. However, since obtaining a Macbook computer, I have been lucky because the keyboard is SO EASY GOING. I don't have to use as much pressure as on the old desktop computer models!

I think it's wonderful that some people have the option of doing work from home: something these days that is most desirable, and which is being done more and more, thanks to things going onto computer, and internet, opening doors that would have been closed during earlier years.

I was trying to remember the name of the Bakery that makes a gorgeous Hummingbird cake - to no avail! Cannot for the life of me recall - I thought it might help if I could send an image: or perhaps a recipe ..... as for the taste - I go straight into heaven itself on the first bite!! If I tell you some of the ingredients, perhaps you'd get an idea?! So I am adding one, via a link at the end of this entry.

It really gives me great pain, to think for even one moment, that Prince Andrew was in any way involved in anything in relation to Jeffrey Epstein?! How could it be possible. I am in perpetual denial at the thought. Goodness knows. I certainly do not. I would not like to be in the Queen's shoes for anything...such a painful situation: simply awful.

Well, as Monday's go, this one hasn't been too bad: besides, the way time moves, it will be Tuesday before we know it! May the new week present many opportunities for your well being and happiness. bring sunny days, and new adventures. See you next time, eh?!


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