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June 2020
10Midweek already....
15This must be Monday....
Midweek already....
June 10, 2020

Life is not about being rich, popular or perfect. It’s about being real, being humble, and being kind.... -Quote. (I really love this quote)


G'day to any and all folk who happen upon my journal today.  Golly ...I've lost count of the days: they seem to entwine from one day to the next, leaving me staggering from one week to the next from weekend to weekend! For 3 months, it's this dance with time. 

What was the usual, has now become obsolete! I have been on some online-retail-therapy, for some much needed items.  Take for example, the 2 mock-neck skivvies - my order arrived today and it's a perfect fit! The color was supposed to be 'natural' but it's more like a light tan, or even mustard color. Quite nice actually!

Tomorrow I'm expecting the long-length ribbed 3/4 sleeve cardie - It's color was described as 'ginger' but it's more like a shade of brown - not so orangey which is great. I loved it on sight, and can't wait for it's arrival!  These items are very necessary for the winter - it can get very cold, and I must protect myself from fevers, chills, and flu!

I was trying to recall the last time I actually went out. I think it was either January or February this year. It could even have been as far back as December 2019!  Consequently, I am suffering from a bit of cabin fever, yet the real fear I have of the pandemic overtakes the blues and I become content again, to stay put!

My other half got a text message from the warehouse supervisor alerting him to the fact that the place may be open for business (ie work) around the 18th of June.  He asked if my man would be available.. the answer leapt from the phone, and no doubt it conveyed a degree of happy acceptance!

I've been steadily wading through old tv sitcoms - such as The Golden Girls - anything to keep my spirits light and happy while being in lockdown mode. It works!  The family join in watching it too which is very encouraging. I dare not let my girl hold the floor, because her topics can be morbid and very depressing, aside of the fact that she has a tendency to end up targeting everyone in the room for (fill in the blanks) ..... not ideal in today's scene with being held hostage at home for weeks on-end!

I hope all is well with you and yours - some restrictions are being lifted but then again, I hear of infections beginning again and I go 'OH NO!'.... time will tell if there is to be a second wave: God, I hope not!  See you next time I come over to fill in my journal - take care, won't you! 


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