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December 2015
Last day of the year....
December 31, 2015

Good morning!

With jobs, timing is everything at the end of the year, with the various celebrations, and everything, it can get a little short-sighted on certain points of view! Christmas and New Year's Eve had always been sacred in my domain, family was first last and always! Celebrating with family at that time of the year was a given; once upon a long-time-ago!

I recall a time when a job took over, and interrupted my Christmas/New Year's Eve.... Was I livid or what?! A friend I have really only just become friends with recently, was talking to me about her job: she's an age-care worker. Dealing with people with illness, and their relatives, etc.
I have a fair bit of reality when it comes to illnesses and how very demanding it can be - both sides of the fence. Living it is awful; and having to live with it - dreadful too. Time is such a funny thing. You never see this kind of thing when you're a twenty-something, not unless you have elderly in close proximity and even then, it's iffy whether or not it makes any kind of real impression! No wonder we turn a blind eye when we're young, not that it's deliberate: it's just you're not on that track at all!

When she spoke to me about the whole Big Bash (New Year's Eve 'do' the big fireworks thing at Sydney Harbour etc) I told her all about my experiences with that, one fateful year.....
I actually made the mistake of going into the harbour, on New Year's Eve: no car, so had to go by train. OMG. A tiny little baby: (what was with the mother?!) CRIED all the way in - a one and a half hour screaming-festival! The other computers were green as was I.

Arriving at Circular Quay, you were in for another shock: NO ROOM on the platform meant literally forcing (and I do mean FORCING) your way off the train.... Then, like packed sardines, shuffling your way towards the escalator and once on ground level, standing stock still (there was no choice) the crowds such that you felt you were in a nightmare; such a sea of people, I realised in an instant that I would not only never make it to the zone for actually seeing the fireworks but I would also have a job getting back inside the station - I just had to go back home. Missed the ruddy fireworks all together that year, because by the time I got back home, it was all over.... NEVER again!! LOL

Living room comfort and the telly: that's my bag! LOL Well that's it ~ for another year: or it will be in a few short hours! Where does time go, eh? Who steals it away while you're not looking?! Thanks for keeping me company here, it's such a buzz - knowing you're here too!

All that is left to say at this point, is Happy New Year! I wish you every happiness and good fortune in 2016; may you always find a soft landing place in the roughness of life and all it's woes!

Love & hugs from me *(-_-xx

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Happy New Year

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