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Floxie Trials by submissive bliss
April 2015

April 2015
March 2015

New Trial
April 9, 2015

Have been wasting time waiting on info for next trial, so I am doing a reboot of the first one that was interrupted by my step mom breaking her pelvis and all the chaos that followed.

Trial # 2 is the same as trial #1 with the exception that I have increased the amount of L-Glutathione.

1000 mg Milk Thistle
520 mg Dandelion Root
1000 mg L-Glutathione

Taken 8:30 am along with my normal 600 mg Gabapentin and 50 mg Tramadol

As always there is a certain "feel good" moment when I first take the liver flush. This happens with or without the L-Glutathione. If there is one thing that is consistent with those who have found relief from this poisoning, it is large amounts of L-Glutathione. In those cases they use IV bags or injections. I am the first I know of to use the pill version.

I hope this works.

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