My Life With Chronic Pain by Mystic Angel
January 2022
10Shingle Shots
Shingle Shots
January 10, 2022

On Sunday I went to CVS to get my second shingles shot I was so happy there was no line. I arrived there a wee early for my appointment, but screw it I went inside & logged in with the sweet employee working in the pharmacy. No one was in line blessed be cause I just wanted to get it done and go home. I didn’t wait too long the nurse giving me the shot was gentle also very sweet. As I was there waiting I see a man with his son registering for the their kids shot. They disappeared for a moment as I was walking out I saw them, and I hear the little boy say how scared he was. I don’t normally engage with people but I felt bad for the kid the look of fear on their face.

I raised up my sleeve to show him I had gotten my shot. I told him that the nurse was very gentle, and mine did not hurt. He was also interested in my ink lol I heard him asking his dad about it btw the dad having issues telling the kid it is just ink.

Me: Try not to be scared.
The Little Boy held on to his dads arm.
The dad: I promised him a toy after he gets his shot.
Me: That is awesome.
The Little Boy: Kept looking at me lol asking his dad about my ink again.

I was paying for some stuff I needed when I see the dad & the little buy again indeed he was purchasing a toy for his son.

Again CVS does a WAY BETTER job with getting an appointment made you do it all on their website. Walgreens at least by our house sucks I had gotten my first shot there um never again too freaking disorganized, and way too many freaking people.

I have had my shots for the Flu, all three for Covid-19, and the freaking Shingles. Well the worse of the worse shots with pain at number one are both of the Shingles sots. They have been way worse on my body than the Covid ones like those were annoying, but nothing like this crap. I am so happy these Shingle shots are every 4-5 years & not once a year carajo.
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