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Quicksilver Moods by Candyrain76
November 2021
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March 2022
November 2021

Short Story Pg. 7
November 18, 2021

Bryan wanted to leave after catching a glimpse of Lovey's husband inside the bar. He couldn't resist looking back and searching for him though. But never wanted to make eye contact with him. But he knew that he couldn't leave and he felt stuck.

The bar was getting filled with people that came to see the band called 'The 13th Hour' They were a new and very popular band in the area. The bar was known to play a lot of 60's and 70's music. The band began setting up.

"Bout damn time they get this party started! and Bob nudged Bryan. C'mon man loosen up. Stop being a frog. Ain't no woman just gonna come up to you. You gotta go after them."

"Alright, already Bob. I can see your already drunk. Forget it."

Bryan ordered his favorite drink with Tequila and sipped it as he wasn't interested in getting drunk with Bob. I mean who was going to drive home, he thought.

The singer of the band stood in front of his mic. "Testing, testing 1,2,3. "Welcome to Quick Silvers ! And the band began playing to the crowd. The bar was packed. And as the music filled the air the dance floor became the spot light of the night.

(just for fun I added this)

Bryan turned around in his seat facing the dance floor. watching everyone dance and having fun. Everyone but him, he thought. All he could think about was why Lovey promised to call him and didn't. And wishing he could move past that very thought. But for some reason he couldn't. And he couldn't help wonder why her husband is at Quick Silvers. Where is Lovey at? He wondered. Maybe she is here, or maybe her husband is meeting that dude on the second floor.


Soon the night ended and Bryan drove Bob to his apartment. He couldn't let Bob drive back home by himself. Bob was too intoxicated to even walk. Bryan had to shove Bob up the steps holding him up along 3 flights of steps.

"Damn your heavy!" And with one push inside the door of his apartment Bob fell onto the living room floor where he lay all night long,

Bryan sat on the edge of his bed pulling his shirt and jeans off as they fell to the floor. And lay on top of his blankets with his socks on just starring up at his ceiling fan go round and round.

The words Lovey fell quietly from his lips.

To be continued.

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