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Quicksilver Moods by Candyrain76
November 2021
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November 2021

Short Story Pg 3
November 12, 2021

Bryan woke up to the sound of someone banging on his door. He jumped straight out of bed stumbling to put his jeans on as he fell out and into the hallway. Lovey met him before he could get his pants on.

"Shh ! It's my husband. Lovey whispered. what are we going to do?"

"What are we going to do? You mean what are you going to do? And why is he knocking on my door looking for you if you were out spying on him last night?"

"He must have seen my car!"

Lovey stood in the hallway with both her hands covering her mouth staring at Bryan.

"I'll just answer the door and I won't tell him anything about you. You stay here or go into the bathroom."

Lovey shook her head up and down. "OK but don't tell him anything."

Bryan opened the door just enough to see out. There standing before him was this very tall guy with dark hair with his one hand on his hip and the other arm was extended straight out resting on the outside door casing.

Bryan opened the door. "Can I help you?" Bryan asked.

"I wouldn't bother you but I see that my wife's car is in front of this building and I am looking for her. And I been knocking on every ones door. I'm sure you don't appreciate being disturbed at this early hour of the morning but, I am worried about her. You wouldn't happened to have noticed a girl with long brown hair, she is around 5'3, short, petite girl that was driving the car right outside this apartment complex?"

Bryan scratched his head. "Uh I don't know man, I been asleep all night until just now."

"Sorry to have woke you up, but it's strange that her car is parked here and so far no one in this apartment building seems to know anything! But here is my cell number and if you happen to see a girl around here that will no doubt be looking for help in finding her car tell her to call her husband and here is my number in case she has forgot."

Bryan shut the door and locked it behind him.
Lovey came down the hallway. "What did he say?"

"Whoa ! Your husband is going to tow your car and he gave me his number to give you if I seen you. Real strange if you ask me. He knows your around here somewhere the dude is not stupid."


Bryan began pacing in the living room. He knew this wasn't his problem but he knows he is in the middle of the problem. He thought he was being helpful last night by offering this strange girl to come inside instead of being outside alone.
Now he has Lovey in his apartment and her husband is banging on doors looking for her.

Bryan heard a loud truck outside and he went to pull his living room curtains back.

"Yep ! He's towing your car alright!"

Lovey ran to the window but Bryan held her back. "He will see you girl! Your car is as good as gone."

"Oh my god I am so sorry for all of this. I didn't mean to drag you into to it."

"You didn't. said Bryan. but here is what your going to do.

to be continued ...

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