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Quicksilver Moods by Candyrain76
November 2021
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November 2021

Short story Pg 2
November 11, 2021

"By the way my name is Bryan, and you are ?"

"Lovey, my name is Lovey. And that's my real name. Everyone thinks its not my real name, but it is. I get that all the time. Just so you know."

Bryan thought Lovey was a bit nervous and her comical expression on her face almost made him laugh.

"Well Lovey ! Any luck on the phone?

"I never have any luck." she replied.

"Well its really late and its getting a bit chilled out tonight and all I can offer you is to invite you up to my apartment where you can finish making your phone calls if you would like."

Lovey stood there for a second wondering if she should take his offer or not. All sorts of things ran through her mind. He could be a serial killer or rapist for all she knew. And she hesitated. "Ur, Um, yeah, let me try one more phone call. Hang on."

Bryan stood there bare foot on the sidewalk waiting for her to make her call. Thinking to himself that he wished he had never put his self in the middle of her situation. Now waiting on her to make her mind up or not. All he knew was he really wanted to be up under the covers sound asleep in is warm bed.

Lovey sighed; "Well like I said, I can't catch a break. No luck in reaching anyone." And she stood there looking helpless.

Bryan finally talked her into coming up to his apartment and him and Lovey sat talking in between Lovey making phone calls. Bryan soon learned that Lovey was spying on her husband when she ran out of gas in front of his apartment building.

That's just wonderful, He thought. As he stood in front of his bathroom mirror. "I have some ones wife in my apartment and apparently her husband is nearby. And to top it off her car is sitting in front of my apartment."

The worse thing about the whole story is that Bryan thought she was attractive and even kind of sexy. Even though she was a blabber mouth. And he thought maybe, just maybe he might have finally met someone. A stranger. A stranger that he liked.

Bryan walks out of the bathroom to find that Lovey had fell asleep on his sofa. So he went to the hall closet and found a blanket to cover her with. As he draped the cover over her he couldn't help but notice just how attractive she really was.
She was peaceful and not nervous and giddy. Finally Bryan was able to get back into his bed and get some much needed sleep. And he drifted off as the night passed over.

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