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September 2022
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September 28, 2022

 From past experience,  and most of it, to be honest, very unpleasant, dealing with any form of antisocial behaviour is simply abhorrent.  This is whether such behaviour has been justified as having 'mental health' issues, or cunningly and carefully hidden beneath such labels.  From what I've learned, there is always purpose behind it, and it's never good.   It is a  painful thing to be forced into a corner with this kind of thing; and it can affect your life in a very negative way.  It can end up being a real curse.  Antisocial behaviour is something that makes you want to stay away and can also cause degrees of isolation either way.  

Most people  find it so unpleasant,  they avoid such people like the plague.  From being forced into such issues when I was very young, and going through some very traumatic situations, I too have carefully avoid such connections, and fear it affects my spirits just even hearing about someone who is on a mission to be a total ass. There are always destructive patterns and bad intentions, whether hidden or plainly visible.....

I am therefore very sorry  for anyone who has to deal with these kinds of issues.   With either family,  or via other connections, which are sometimes foisted upon one's existence.  I cannot be surprised that most try to avoid having to deal with it like the plague: it's human nature.  What's more, antisocial behaviour forces people into situations that are counter productive and the results are always very unhappy, and in the presence of such things; illness abounds...

 I'm someone  who has been to hell and back from such experiences.  The consequence of this unwanted intrusion into my life is that I have avoided any and all contacts that even remotely exhibit antisocial behaviour.  I value my life and wish to keep it free of such harmful and sometimes destructive influences.  Any purpose which has at its hub the desire to increase one's survival has to be a constructive impulse: the opposite of that of the antisocial person.



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