Just talk about that by nahatsu
April 2021
7At least I slept half the time....
9Great to see you, Friday
11Good evening - Sunday night: notes on the weekend
13Not another day of it....
14I need some rusk?!
17My big day off...
25Love brings me back from nowhere...
Great to see you, Friday
April 9, 2021

coffee, drink, and food image


While I am nearly done with my online 'chores' now ~ I'm thinking when will the doctor ring us to give the results of my daughter's coronavirus test.  I suppose there is little else on my mind, if I'm honest.  Well that's almost true - I just realised there's a sea of nebulous conjecture going on in the background! 

 That's not exactly unusual you know! Are you like that; I mean, do you have thoughts floating around about - well I don't know - all kinds of things. I have a sense of hunger even though I cooked up two fried eggs this morning - in pure lard (that's the only way I can successfully digest and enjoy them) but no toast or anything. Just a cup of coffee. It's almost 11.30 a.m.  So moving towards when I would normally have some lunch. I know. That's early, right?!   

See ~  it's like this. Up till I had a child all those moons ago, I never ate lunch till about 12.30 or even 1 p.m. But after I had my baby, I found my hunger kicked in anytime after 11 or sometimes even earlier in the day!  Go figure. It stayed that way too...so that I'm ravenous by about mid morning! Even though I had some protein for breakfast too.  As I say - go figure!  Well that's it for this entry. I hear my girl coming down the hall, and she's bound to want to talk.  See you later. 


Just updating this entry - the doctor rang.... She's tested NEGATIVE... yes! Very Happy
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