Just talk about that by nahatsu
April 2021
7At least I slept half the time....
9Great to see you, Friday
11Good evening - Sunday night: notes on the weekend
At least I slept half the time....
April 7, 2021

Firstly, we've had an 'indian summer' meaning.... instead of those lovely crisp cool lovely days we ordinarily have in Autumn, we've had sloggingly hot and uncomfortable days and evenings, gradually gettting worse! It's like January or February weather in March & April, for heavens sake.

As a result of this strange backflip of the weather, I haven't had a full night's sleep in ages. Seriously waking every so often all through the night leaves a piece of wood in place of 'the person' I usually believe myself to be, all next day!

So anyway, my other half has been feeling it bad too - and being Irish, he also has a serious drop in appetite as well during the worst of our summer time slog. So he has been a little iffy for sure, and last night took me by surprise when he put our small 'desk top' tower fan on, and left it on, all night.

The funny thing is, I slept a lot more soundly.... if you don't count the times I woke, from the NOISE of that ruddy fan!!
Why they can't make something that is ....whisper quiet for the bedroom's use of a fan during hot summer months is anyone's guess!

Wednesday morning and overcast, and being drop dead tired - not helpful. I suppose I'll get by. As for my man, he's off to a day's work shortly.... God bless his little cotton socks. I adore him and can't help worrying a little. However, on questioning ...apparently he slept like a log! I wonder if he's not a little deaf?!

I'm fiddling with my themes I like a 'window' of writing not a page spread out all over the place. Like the little 'writing pad' where you do your work here, that size is great. But when you publish it - it spreads out all over the page. I am still looking for something that doesn't do that.


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