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January 2021
I always forget...until I remember!
January 21, 2021

It's Thursday afternoon, and counting! Sometimes it can make being inside all the more cosier when it is raining outside! However, for the first time in a long while, it is as dry and hot outside as an arid and sand packed desert! I can dream of grey and cold, rain or white-covered snowscapes! But that's a bit far-fetched really, because I'm in the southern hemisphere, and it's HOT!
You cannot imagine the delight I felt when I read that a suggested handling for my English friend's pain and suffering was a great success! She wrote to me that the foot pressure methods of massaging the soles of one's feet can bring huge relief, and promote deep, and peaceful sleeps!
My husband began doing pressing/massage on the sole of my left foot one night - both my legs/feet are all bandaged, and sometimes, he has to ensure the feet heel parts are on properly. This particular evening.... he simply began doing this spontaneous massage!
I was so relieved I then slept deeply, and peacefully, and instead of the usual 3 or 4 hour long sleep, I slept soundly for nearly 7 hours! Remarkable! I also was so at ease, the usual pain relief remained in it's pack! After 3 days of a short massage on the soles of my feet at night before sleep, I found I had not needed my usual pain relief for 3 days!
I naturally told my friend all about it and she must have asked her husband to do the same, resulting in a fabulous note in her letter all about how she slept beautifully, and did not need any pain relief the next day! How about that, eh?!

I recently saw a video on youtube about a lady who decided she was going to walk the Appalachian Trail! It was an eye-opening experience just to be an 'on looker' of the event - apparently some people can take up to between 5 to 7 months to walk the 2,190 miles from Stringer Mountain, Georgia, to Katahdin, Maine!! The mind boggles to be sure - I could not imagine wanting to actually do that, not even from those days when I was whole, and well!
Meanwhile, life has changed here in the last few weeks. It's such a bonus to be able to hang large things like bedding, and big heavy towels, on the outside lines here, to dry in the natural warmth and breezes! We were living as if still in Croydon Street; i.e. hanging EVERYTHING inside. This was due to being warned, when we moved into the area, that stuff was continuously stolen off the clotheslines there, by the local police!
However, my husband recently suggested we give it a go, to hang up the larger items in our wash load, especially since he knows quite a few of our neighbours, since he comes and goes regularly! So I said, go for it! We found it is quite safe, nothing has disappeared, and the bonus is fresh, lovely bone-dry washing, which has NOT been closing our space in, inside!

I have already sorted and handled a load, after getting Jim's breakfast today (he is on a mission afterwards which he has left to do: 2 missions actually; one being getting Char's car rear light fixed/replaced, and secondly, calling by the medical centre to check out their supply of tubing bandaging because once again, the one I purchased was the wrong sizing - I never thought it would be so difficult to get the thin, stretch tubing, for wearing under compression bandaging! However, after 3 or 4 different efforts to get what I needed, I am - for the time being - giving up on it Rolling Eyes Yep. That's me for today. I hope you are keeping well, and safe over there.


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