Just talk about that by nahatsu
November 2020
30To Coffee or Not to Coffee
November 23, 2020

What a dull day we have over here! Hello how are you?! Monday waltzes in and takes over. Anyone would think it is entitled and that it should be that way… only I cannot agree! The weekend is a brief breath in the shenanigans of life as we know it, and I for one feel it is just way too short. Especially since modern life has become so FULL ON all the time.

I recall very well how over the weekend, people were NOT working. By most standards, folk were encouraged to take time off and get a little rest and relaxation after a busy week. These days, however, it’s so full on all the time, people are expected to tow the line all weekend as well!

No wonder we have a great percentage of people suffering from burn-out these days. I know several and it’s not getting any better. The rush of modern conveniences and life as we now know it takes its toll over our health, bodies and minds. It’s about time that we took back our inalienable rights as human beings, and made changes in our favour; bringing back the idea that it’s okay to take a break over the weekend!

Would civilisation as we know it cave if we were to close stores over the weekend?? Would be be in dire straights if so? Or could we support one another in different ways - I know for a fact that we once survived very well indeed with just Saturday morning shopping, stores being open till around midday or 1 p.m in the afternoon, then everyone went home!

It’s time to pop over to my online blog spot, and post this off. I had a delicious mouth-watering meal over the weekend which set me into transports of happiness and delight… I may just add the recipe and method here, because I figure why not share - it was just too delicious for words …. Take care and have a great new week. See you later! *-_-*

Wow. I posted this to weigh up the difference between last year, when I originally wrote this Monday blog, and today. All the difference in the world..... as the pandemic had arrived since I wrote that and posted it. Eye opening.
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