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March 2020
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30Handling the dangerous environment
Handling the dangerous environment
March 30, 2020

Hello.... how are you?!   A lifetime seems to have gone by since I was last in the space of my online journal.  Life, and lifestyles as we knew them have changed so much over the last month or so. Perhaps it came earlier than that.   I don't think I said much about it via my journal other issues were overwhelming as I recall - that of our internet breaking down for hours and hours, sometimes more than 24 hours, etc. 

 We finally found out after they sent a technician out, that the wires were broken! So . . . . not our imagination then!!  After that my mind is a big blur.  Days and nights with the coronavirus - or covid-19 has it is now being referred to.  Hygiene standards have jumped up to the top of the scale of priorities! 

 So has social distancing. I  several pre existing health conditions, such as MRSA the staph infection unable to be treated (ie antibiotic resistent)  so the appearance of such a threatening health issue such as covid-19 feels very dangerous to me personally, as I've also had pneumonia 3 times, a collapsed lung, 3 bouts of whooping cough, pluresy,  and various other rather acute conditions which means I am terrified of the thought of catching the virus.....

It becomes imperitive that I am not exposed to the virus.  On the plus side of things,  the isolation thing is nothing new so I am not having to 'adjust' to changes as I have been living in isolation for some years!   But for others, for entire countries which now practice social distancing, there have been some big changes, which some are finding overwhelming and horrible.  I really feel sorry for those who are living with this new lifestyle....

The whole shopping for basic necessities became a nightmare for a while over here - all supermarket shelves emptied by frenzied and frantic buyers who fleeced every shelf in every store of their products.  It meant that for many there was not enough for the basics they were used to buying for their families! It was terrible. 

I am pleased to say that we managed to survive this initial panic buying thing, and now things have improved somewhat, as we do get some much-needed supplies every 2 or 3 days.

It works, and as the hygiene thing is very strict in supermarkets, and here, within my own family so far (touch wood) we have managed to remain virus free....

I hope that YOU and your families and friends are safe - I wish us all better times ahead.  I refuse to panic. Instead I look ahead.  To a time perhaps when a suitable drug and/ or vaccine has been developed and we may all look forward to life returning to normal.  See you next time... Take care. 


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