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September 2018
10Catching up
14Friday... catching up
Catching up
September 10, 2018


Good to be back here visiting, it has been a rather full-on time over the last couple of weeks, that's for sure!  For a start, the operation I spoke of in my last entry went ahead on time, and here we are, almost a week later, and things are going rather well.    For the first time in many years, my husband is NOT wearing glasses!  The op was successful, and he has very good sight.  He can sit in his seat and watch television without having to place his chair right up close in order to see it properly which is fantastic!     I must place no less than 6 different bottles which contain eye drops in the eye that was done, 4 times a day!  I have to draw up a chat so I get it right each and every time, but it's a pleasure to be able to help!     It's like how great is it when someone who you're very close to, is enabled, in place of a situation and/or condition which had caused grief and disability! I am thoroughly delighted, and I hope that when he goes to the hospital on Thursday this week, for the follow up visit, there will be nothing to worry us. So far anyway, it has all been good!     There is a list of things he is NOT ALLOWED TO DO.. including driving, heavy lifting, sneezing, housework, or work in general, and more besides! I have been trying to accommodate so that this list is adhered to in it's entirety but he was insisting he'd be ok to drive before the 2 week limit mentioned: so he rang his doctor (the surgen who did the op) and got from her directly that it was NOT alright to drive - and under no circumstances was he to get behind the wheel.     I was relieved beyond anything because I knew that while he might doubt my consideration about it, he could not doubt his surgeon!  So we're safe and he won't be going against the advices, thank goodness! So all other things are on track and we are slowly moving forward after a horrendous couple of years. In another month or so (or so I believe) he'll get the other eye done, all being well.

Meanwhile, winter gives way to Spring out here, and I begin to feel some sense of changing climate - those furry issues of allergies making themselves felt but for me, nothing too drastic! I hope that where you hang out, it's not too bad and mother nature is being kind to you and yours.  Wishing you a top new week, See you again another time, when I come skipping down the internet highway and on over to my journal here.    Take it easy!


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