Just talk about that by nahatsu
May 2016
18Midweek, and a journal catch-up
Midweek, and a journal catch-up
May 18, 2016

Good evening. It has been a while since I came over to my online living room here, and sat down at the 'typewriter' to jot down this and that, you know; sound off on what's been happening, the whole bit about the current scene and everything.  First of all, it's Wednesday: already!  How about that?!  Does it go like a well-liked ice cream for you too?! 

 I mean, one minute you're eating away happily, tasting the delicious creamy flavour of your ice cream. Next thing you know, it's dripping all over the place and it's GONE... I wonder about the rapid turnover of time. It's a split second ago; you were striding down the hallway, mind-numbingly terrified of the upcoming exam... School exams used to totally freak me out!  

Now you skip forward, and you're in a Sunday afternoon funk; and all because tomorrow is Monday and you know very well you're off to work again, and you can't stand that job . . . . Well that's how it seems to me: life is a whole series of segments. They come, they go: a rapid page-turning of Time.  There never seems to be enough time, does there?!  Then there are those instances when you feel that there is just far too much time! I get that when I am forced to stay put (due to my condition) well I get so jealous of those folks who can get out and go off to any place they choose!  Well it could be work, or shopping, or just a trip uptown.  

Someone (won't mention names) was moaning about having to go run errands! I was like "OMG"!  I would give anything if I could 'go run errands'.. I haven't been out of this apartment in more than 3 months: honest to god: it's such a long time day in day out. But those folks, they don't realise who they're talking to!  If they did know about my mobility problem, they shut up about their ill feeling on that score.  Or they'd just joke about it, so as to not upset things.  There's been lots happening, but the bottom line is, I am still here (by the grace of all that's holy) I'm still getting three squares a day, and I have a soft space for comfort and a roof over my head. These days, that's an awful lot!  There are plenty of folks out there who are doing it rough. I know.  It's awful.  I'm just glad my husband - even though he's been between jobs for over 2 and a half years, is handling things so we still live here, and I have my meals, and we have things - basic things - that we need. Including my pain relief. Phew. Thank goodness for that: Don't know if I could handle it if we could not afford it....  That's it for this one.  I hope you are doing okay.  Sending regards; and until next post.


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