Just talk about that by nahatsu
August 2014
1My girl . . .and me.
3Sunday and it's COLD here...
8Friday (-_-\-_-)
My girl . . .and me.
August 1, 2014

It was a tough week, in fact it has been a tough couple of months.  I have been trying to find balance between the hell fire of rubbing someone I love very dearly the wrong way - inadvertently, and finding out how to introduce a pleasant atmosphere so there can be peace; and I can reduce the severe stress I've been under.  The person I am speaking of is my 24 year old daughter.  I guess she's been angry since she was born.  Oh I'm not joking!  I have a very vivid and permenant mental image of when the nurses that delivered her, placing her briefly on my tummy . . .

I looked at her . . .

She looked at me....  and gave me a filthy look!

Seriously!  She's been in a bad mood her whole life - well, so far anyways....  in between bouts of loud yelling matches; we have had some peace.  We have managed that because I determined it would be to our great advantage, so I spend my time finding ways to listen, understand, and acknowledge her conversations with me in the most realistic way I can.

I do NOT invalidate her words.  Not on any level.  If there is an issue where she is obviously not quite in the zone of ''right'', I let it go; and find other ways of dealing with the pain of being forced into a corner in this fashion.

The good thing here is that I am so proud of her; I am so darned proud of her and her fiesty no nonsense attitude! I love how she attacks what she wants out of life and goes for it in any way she can!

I love her beauty.  She has natural and wonderful talents which are currently being enriched by the course she is taking . . . . she also took a Uni course for 12 months and got distinctions and very high commendations.

I love that she's conscious of the needs of others; even if she cannot acknowledge it; and I love that she shows she has a conscience by throwing hissy fits and if you dig ever so slightly, you find out she's feeling guilty for not having done something she felt she should have...


Oh yes - I love; love; love my daughter - I love her with respect; with a mother's love, and with the admiration of someone who can stand back, and see what she is making of her life under extra difficult circumstances; her inner rage.  One day I hope she finds out what that's about.  But that will be for her to discover.  In the meantime; we weather the storms, and ride the wave of life together...



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