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April 2021
10Half Way (Guts)
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Half Way (Guts)
April 10, 2021

I am about halfway through Guts so far I am digging what Kristen Johnston has written.
I relate to what she is saying about addiction mine was smoking cigs. popping pills for my pain filled body (I went years with no diagnoses), and eating myself to death. I was on a path to my own suicide for so many years.
I am thankful as always to DJ & Hubby for all their support & love, to therapy, my spirituality grateful as to the knowledge of why I wanted death.
Blessed Be I am grateful today to be here my story has not ended.
I live by these three words: Always Keep Fighting.
Indeed reading her experiences of being bullied at a Catholic School plus the fact that we both had to wear orthopedic fugly heavy ass shoes, and we both kicked the crap out of bullies.
My bully once I kicked her in her vagina knocking her ass to the floor she never bothered me again.
I was a loner that also lived in my own imaginary world to survive. I was in second or maybe third grade when I kicked the shit outta her. I do not recall what that bitch looked like all I recall was that I had enough of her shit.
We were in recess not recalling how it all escalated lol but I can close my eyes & see my shoe smack her in her vagina, her falling to the floor, & crying like a little bitch as I walked away. 
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