Animals Rule My Heart by Mystic Angel
January 2022
10I Meant to write this out earlier ....
I Meant to write this out earlier ....
January 10, 2022

But my depression was kicking my ass like nobody's business.


have taken time away from writing my depression hit me even harder because on December 17th we said our goodbyes to our sweet baby Remy. The bone cancer was extremely aggressive we took him to the vet we will see you again my sweet Remy. I found myself in a dark place not having him around anymore. Honestly hit so fucking hard I think that after Loki passing since we had Julie Beans I was able to process my grief thanks to her being around, but then she passes away I was hit hard deep depression. The house without any animal in it is just such a lonely house. I regretted for a long time waiting six months before looking for another greyhound. Then again I feel if we had not we would have never gotten the gift that was Remy. FUCK YOU CANCER!

Our three greyhounds all died of fucking cancer I wanted another greyhound at first. I looked into it harder now cause they closed down the tracks here. I fucking voted for that amendment fucking racing mother fuckers destroy these beautiful animals. Got a number from Paul & Cookie the woman Mary Ann I did vive with at all. Still I went ahead with it it was Dani that made me think about not adopting a grey cause cancer, so they got me started thinking about getting a diverse breed dog. I looked online via Pet Finder asked about a few dogs actually only two rescues replied back to me.

I was interested in Storm & a few other dogs, but Storm stood out to me the most I was happy that the shelter informed me that she was still available. We drove two hours to West Palm Beach when we asked Kim (She was a great help to us) about Storm sadly it was not meant to be for two reasons Storm is aggressive around other dogs, & she pulls really hard on her lead. Just not in the cards I did feel defeated Kim asked us a couple of times to go ahead and look around. The place is freaking huge by the end of it my body was screaming at me. One of the first dogs we saw was Luna she was so shy-scared she did not even come up to us. I wrote her name down & we kept on looking & looking I think we had six or eight dogs left. By the end of it all Kim helped us she gave us all the info on the dogs we wanted.

On Dec. 30th 2021 we went to Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League, and we adopted Luna. Her human passed away Aggie and it was her son that brought Luna to the shelter asshole. Storm also lost her human. I knew for sure that Luna was the one for us the minute Kim brought her into that little meeting room. She walked in tail a wagging came right up to us licking us yep she was the one.

It is odd not having another grey as our fur kiddo honestly it has taken me some time to adjust to that. Luna is sweet, smart such a loving dog 45 pounds of love. She is a lab mix 6 years old & she is our fur baby.

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